Friday, March 21, 2008

Stingray assasin in Miami, Florida?

Ok, come on now Miami, Florida... You got some 'splainings to do! First Steve Irwin gets killed by a mild mannered stingray and now a woman who lives in Florida gets randomly "struck" by a stingray (eagle-ray actually) that leaped out of the water... and both die on impact? What planet are we on, and what momentary slip physics allows something like this to happen? AND what Miami native is gullible enough to believe that this "stingray murder" took place as reported?

People in Florida (or anywhere for that matter) dont even die from stingray BARBS (which are full of poison BTW) let alone just from coming into contact with a stingray. There was a guy that got hit in the HEART with a stingray barb and he made a complete recovery!! I mean we are talking about a stingray death toll that will quickly be competing with deaths from sharks! All of the sudden, from out of NOWHERE. In all of California, across all history, there was ONE recorded instance of a death by stingray and that was an unfortunate incident where a baby fell on a stingray, clearly not the case lately. I don't think there have been ANY in Miami, Florida EVER!

I personally think we have a new wave of assassinations being committed using wildlife as the tool and the scapegoat. Did these people anger the Florida mob or some secret Miami organizations, or some crazy zoo-keeper/marine biologist? I don't know, I DO know that there are some pretty creative people out there.